Adriana Rivera

Adriana Rivera

Project Description

November 22 2015

It was my pleasure and good fortune to have Dr. Vargas recommended to me, February  2012.

I have had a long history of dental problems, numerous cavities, root canals and extractions  and eventually came to Dr Vargas needing a lot of work.  5 teeth missing and suffering from constant sinus congestion.

I have seen many dentists, Dr.  Vargas impressed me at what a skilled and precise professional he is. After 4 bone grafts and 5 dental implants I can truly attest to his many degrees (Master in Operative Dental Aesthetics and Post Doctoral Fellowship Implant Dentistry) very competent and a really nice person!

It took many hours in a dental chair and 3 years, but was totally worth it.  I smile with gleaming white teeth and chew on solid comfortable molars plus my sinus congestion disappeared!

He has been very accommodating  to my travel and scheduled work to fit within my visits.

I highly recommend Dr. Vargas and his clinic, America Dental. He has professional, friendly, bilingual staff,  and offers a full range of dental procedures in his modern, well equipped, clinic.   

The cost involved to rehabilitate my mouth was well worth travelling to see Dr. Vargas.  As an added bonus we got to enjoy our time in beautiful Costa Rica.

Best Regards

Bob  Cole